Easy Online Medical Appointment Reminder Software

Electronic Appointment Reminders and Much More to Improve Practice Efficiency and Patient Care

Empower your patients and practice to benefit from secure, streamlined, e-health communication 24/7/365. ABELMed Portal integrates with ABELMed to improve patient self-care through real-time access to appointments, labs and medication information.

Allow any patient with a web browser on their computer, smartphone or tablet to:

  • E-book appointments and confirm upcoming appointments by responding to email reminders and SMS text
  • View upcoming appointments
  • Reschedule or cancel existing appointments based on your office policies
  • Request an appointment
  • Review and inform you of changes in their demographic information
  • View their personal health information record, including lab reports, allergies, current medications and medical history
  • Search an extensive library of patient education materials
  • Send secure messages to your inbox to request prescription refills
  • Complete and submit medical history forms in advance of their appointment

You control:

  • Which patients have access to the patient portal
  • Whether and under what conditions patients can confirm, book, reschedule, or cancel appointments
  • Which appointment and demographic change requests you accept
  • Which areas of personal health information are available to patients
  • Your appointment book – patient confirmations automatically update your ABELMed scheduler!

Other products and services available on the market provide some of the features listed above, however, ABELMed users benefit from our unmatched ability to provide integration between their ABELMed software and the Portal.

Have questions or want a demonstration? Call 1-800-267-ABEL (2235) and press 1, we will be happy to hear from you.

ABELMed users can learn more about ABELMed Portal on MyABEL. Visit today to access videos, webinars, product registration and configuration information.