Are you benefitting from OLIS in your practice yet?

Activate OLIS for your practice NOW and gain instant electronic access to your patients’ lab results from multiple labs.OLIS

Many of your colleagues are already enjoying the benefits of OLIS. Here is what they are saying:

"OLIS has become a great asset to the everyday operations within my clinic. It is a powerful system that makes the retrieval of patient labs a streamlined one-click process. ABEL has been great with the implementation of OLIS and it is beautifully integrated with our ABELMed EMR."

ABEL has successfully implemented OLIS in many practices/clinics using ABELMed EMR. OLIS (Ontario Lab Information System) is a province‐wide, integrated repository of laboratory test results, which can provide you with timely access to information that is needed at the point of care to aid in clinical decision making.

Now, you can get instant access to patients’ lab results in the OLIS database, whether these tests were ordered by you or other physicians, and download relevant test results from several community labs into your ABELMed. Moreover, you can also receive results of lab tests done in many hospitals and by Public Health Laboratories.

You can start the process by completing the OLIS registration form below.

Application Document 

To register for OLIS please download and complete the following document and email directly to OntarioMD at and copy ABELMed at

OLIS EMR Client Information Form
Information Materials

OLIS Brochure.pdf Ontario Lab Data and Your EMR.pdf
Notice EMR Access.pdf Find Your LHIN

How to Use OLIS (through ABELMed
EHR-EMR/PM v12.2 or greater)
Login to MyABEL to view this video for step by step and interactive instruction on how to use OLIS.

OLIS Video

Patients Now Benefitting From More Coordinated Health Care

OLIS (Ontario Lab Information System)

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